8 Reasons to Simplify Birthdays

                 Family Birthdays are birthdays at home with the family.  In the main stream, 
             it seems that spending more making your birthday stand out is expected. But I would 
                              ask you to consider a few reasons to go against the flow. 

are bigger birthdays



8 Reasons to Simplify

1. THE COST   Your budget may not allow you to make big plans…what then?  As a family we went through some leaner times.   Since we didn’t have the finances, we decided to simplify.  Simplifying has been a gift.  It has reduced the stress, time and expense. Its been a good change.

2. YOU AREN’T ACTUALLY WITH YOUR CHILD Kids lose YOU through the planning phase and on their special  day.  I know from experience the goal is to plan, make and buy everything needed for a fun party and keep guests happy and enjoying themselves.  It’s easy to lose the birthday boy or girl in the big celebration.

3. TRUE FAMILY FUN TIME. With a family birthday, your family gets a chance to be together and  it provides the family the opportunity to  find out what is special to the birthday person.   As a part of the birthday celebration, the birthday person gets to go with dad to a fun place – skating, bowling or a movie.  On the birthday you can have fun together, whether it’s playing games, going to the park or fishing.

4. SIBLINGS CAN MAKE IT SPECIAL. You can use the day to help siblings focus on one another.   When it is just family it becomes a family effort to make the day special for the birthday person; watching the siblings find ways to make the day meaningful and fun  for the birthday person is wonderful!

People make birthdays special, not big plans. 

5. ENCOURAGE CONTENTMENT.  With big birthdays,  children can become ungrateful and demand more and more.  Our kids like to pick their themes months in advance.  What the theme means has changed drastically over the years.  I use to get the party favors, cake, gifts and decorations around the theme.  Now, we do our best to incorporate the birthday child’s chosen theme  somewhere, but low key.

6. STOP THE MADNESS.  You are building expectations.  Once you begin the big birthday traditions, the ideas  grow.  The world around us is full of big birthdays.   Keeping up with friends’ birthdays is exhausting.  You can build the expectation that the family will truly celebrate birthdays in a meaningful way.

7.  FOCUS ON THE FAMILY.  You can invite the grandparents or extended family and not worry about them getting lost in the festivities.  Your children will forever be related to your family, but their friends will come and go.  Consider having family  for birthdays.2 birthday cake edited

8. ALLOWS the ENTIRE FAMILY TO PARTICIPATE. If you aren’t trying to impress your guests, you can relax and let the brother make the cake OR decorate.  The picture may not go on pintrest, but the love will come from the heart.

The bottom line is – how are your birthdays going?  Do you feel it is a connecting time as a family or a stressful endeavor?    If it is the latter, then there are simple solutions to  make the birthday better.

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