A Game for All Ages: Fishbowl

Yes, there is a game that is extremely easy to pull together on a whim for all ages!  This game is called Fishbowl.



Have you ever been in a group situation wishing you had a fun game you could pull out of a hat?   This game only requires a few readily available items.
It is a combination of Taboo & Guesstures with Memory thrown in.

We were with fun family friends of ours.  They said, “Tonight let’s play Fishbowl.”


3 -5 slips of paper for each player
Writing utensils
A bowl or other container to draw slips from
A timer
Paper to keep score


IMG_8072 IMG_8073

Getting Started with the game:

1. Each player writes* 5 ideas, each on a separate slip of paper – the ideas can be people, places, things, songs, or quotes.  (You can create your own categories to suit your group, such as animals or actions.)
* Those unable to write can be paired with an older child or adult who acts as scribe, reader and helper.

2.  Toss all of the papers into the bowl and begin play.

How the game is played:
1.  Divide into teams.
Tip: Sit every other person so that those on the same team aren’t able to see what is written on the papers and so that players and teams take turns as play passes around the circle.
2.  Set a timer for 1 minute.  (This is a great assignment for someone who is not into playing the game.)
3.  The game consists of three rounds as specified below.
4.  The first player draws a slip of paper and gives clues.  (Clue type changes with each round.)   Teammates try to guess what is written on the paper.  If the team guesses correctly before the timer goes off, the player draws another slip of paper and repeats the process until the minute expires.  (Ideas guessed correctly are kept out of the bowl until the end of the round.)
5.  Play passes to the next person in the circle and continues until all of the ideas on the slips of paper have been guessed correctly.
6. At the end of each round tally the score by counting the number of ideas guessed correctly by each team. Then all of the papers are tossed back into the bowl.  So remembering the choices helps! The team with the highest score at the end of Round 3 is the winner.

Do you have someone that is having trouble sitting and playing?  He can be the time keeper!


Round 1: Player says clues, but may not say any word (or form of any word) written on the paper.
Round 2: Player acts out the word.
Round 3: Player gives a one word clue.

Just to give you an idea of our first go around….  We had ages 4 – 10 along with 4 adults.  We partnered adults with younger kids to help them read the words.
A few of the words we were guessing were ” Christmas, I have a Dream,  Disneyworld, fishing, cat”
If you have some time and want to do something fun…this is perfect!

    Let me know how it goes.

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  1. Gonna have to give this a try. I am all for games that DON’T require buying a bunch of EXTRAS! Thanks for this quick and easy idea!

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