All About Me

My name is Tami White. I am a wife, mom, daughter and friend. I am a full-time mom and teacher (who happens to homeschool). My children are ages 5, 7 and 9. I have taught for 11 years, and I have been home for 9 years. I continue to tutor as a side business (which I will tell more about at a later time). Currently, I lead a homeschool group of moms.   Whether you homeschool or not, I believe we all are on a parenting journey together.

I am an older mom. My husband, Doug, and I were married when I was 34. My life had been full of people, places and service.

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My children are full of life and have a love for learning and basically make me grow in a lot of areas. My energy goes into finding ways to keep them thinking, creating and getting along.

I am relational and practical, full of perseverance, and determined to grow and change. Before kids, I thought I was a pretty giving, kind and patient person.   This is not the way I view myself now.  I have struggled with my lack of control, my selfish nature and my impatience for children who do not have the same goals as I have on a daily basis.    A big part of my message is to encourage a balance in  areas that may seem out of control in a mom’s mind and heart.  I am a cheerleader at heart, so you will be encouraged to keep going.


My husband is a visionary (which I just discovered.) Doug is a low-key, very friendly person who has a heart for others. However, he needs quiet and rest. He loves us (his family) and has a heart to help others. He just left a “comfortable” 9-5 job of 9 years to pursue a new career as a financial advisor.

Along the way we have both had life experiences that have helped us define who we are. The discovery of many great books and resources, along with friends further down the path who have befriended us, have helped us to find our way.  We want to continue to be open and teachable.

I look forward to going on this journey with all of you.   Family fun, parenting, mom tips and many insights from other mentors are ahead.  I hope you are able to join us.

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