Antarctica Winter Party

After Christmas, an Antarctica Winter Party is a fun way to liven up the winter months. 1-cover-for-antarctica
We had our party with kids ages 4 – 13 years old.  We live in Houston and had to assimilate the cold.  Depending on the day it could be 70 degrees or 30 degrees.   However, it brings a reminder that Antarctica is much colder than all of the other places in the world.

Decorations: We had white sheets on the couches. We also built “an igloo” as a fort for a photo opportunity.  On the door we put a sign “Welcome to Fort McMurdo Station.”  Of course the children wore their winter coats, gloves and hats.

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The Party

Begin with Welcome to the Station: Video of penguin playing

Children cut snowflakes out of coffee filters or draw Penguins

Ice Relay Materials:  2 buckets of ice with a pair of tongs and two empty buckets   Children run to the ice bucket and carefully carry the ice back to their own bucket.  Then the next person goes on each team.  The winner is the team that empties their bucket.   (You can plan for more ice for the older kids. Or better tongs for the younger kids to use) Not very many kids? Adults can play as well.


Ice eating contest (only if you are willing to hear the crunching and not too worried about your children’s teeth) Materials:  A plate for each child with crushed ice on each More ice for the older kids, much less for the younger kids. See who finishes first. (We had a 14 year old with us and I gave him regular ice cubes)


Marshmallow contest Materials: Give each child a pile of miniature marshmallows & prizes if you would like to give them out Objective: Children create something out of the marshmallows We had judges that chose the best and we gave out prizes. I know it isn’t the most ideal building material, but it is fun for most kids.  Have wet wipes ready. I gave them a pile of marshmallows and set them to work.  They could make anything out of the marshmallows. The younger kids making something simple.


Lunch Over lunch we discussed Antarctica life and food. Nothing grows there…so everything has to be shipped.  No fresh veggies and fruit. So we went for dried fruit. Soup and crackers.  Of course we served hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Snow Ball Fight Materials: White copy paper (at least 100 pieces) , use masking tape for a center line. After lunch we had the kids ball up paper (they have to be tight balls) Play music to signal to throw the snow balls Have adults demonstrate. Stopping on time. We issued a 5 snowball penalty for each snowball thrown after the round ended. The team that has the fewest snowballs on their side at the end wins.


Take Pictures of kids in winter gear

  • By the Station Sign
  • Inside of the igloo
  • In front of a fireplace

Treat Blizzard – Ice Cream with crushed cookies, candybars, etc. OR Snowball cookies You could end with a “Blizzard” ice cream treat while watching the UTUBE video 20 facts you Never Knew About Antarctica

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