Back to School Scavenger Hunt

Back to School Scavenger Hunt

Starting off the year can be difficult for students and teachers alike.  Here is a helpful activity to get off to a good start.    This scavenger hunt is perfect for first and second graders who may or may not be able to read yet!

Setting the stage:

  1. Get students prepared. Play a name game that will help them be familiar with each other.
  2. Go over the categories.  Read each category and explain the picture that will help them remember what we are asking. You could also emphasize that whether they are reading well or not we will all be able to do this together.
  3. Encourage those that are able to read to be helpful to anyone who may need assistance.

Click this link: Back to School Scavenger Hunt

Rules for the scavenger hunt:

  1. Students will ask each other if they have things in common.
  2. If a person has something in common, that person will sign the other person’s paper
  3. Each person can only fill out one space.
  4. Teachers and students can both play!

To share at the end:

For each child, I will ask for someone who has something in common with that person.

Let me know how this works for you and your kiddos!


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