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Thinking Fun for the Entire Family!   Whether you are at home or in the car, the Brainquest game is easy to play. brainquest

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You can find cards as young as toddler and as old as 7th grade.

CLICK HERE for Brain Quest Cards  (Cards can be purchased separately.)

Have you ever tried to play a game with questions that did not work for everyone?  Well, the ages of our children are close, but their level of knowledge is quite different.  As I contemplated this dilemma, I realized that we had each child’s level questions–already with the Brainquest cards.  This is not just for kids.  Remember the show Who is Smarter than a 5th grader?! Well, the Brainquest Cards go up to 7th grade!

When we played today,  I was asked, ” what does French word Renaissance mean in English?”  Hmmm…I did not know.  The answer was “Rebirth”.  To my opponent’s delight, I got the question wrong and we both learned the answer.

 This is a sneaky way to keep everyone learning together! 

How to choose the right level:  Assess your child’s ability level.  If he or she struggles, it might be helpful to go a grade lower.  If your child excels at their grade level, then go a grade higher.   By choosing the appropriate level for each player, it will make the game more effective and more of a fun challenge.   * You can find cards as young as toddler and as old as 7th grade.

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CLICK HERE for Brain Quest Cards  (Cards can be purchased separately.)



* Brainquest cards for each person playing



Post it Notes (to keep your place)




Players:  2- 4  Ages: Toddler and up

To Play:

1. Choose the number of counters (you can use anything for counters) needed to win or you can set a time to stop.

2. Roll the dice.  An even number is worth two counters and an odd number is worth one counter                                                                                                                        No dice option.  Each question is worth one point.

3. For the children…You want them to answer more questions. You can give them an extra question to answer when they correctly answer a question.  It gives them an added advantage to “beat the parent”

3. The card is read by a designated person OR  another player capable of reading the card.  If the child you are playing with is unable to read the Brainquest question, it is possible to read your own question and check the answer without cheating!

A player does not get any counters unless the question is answered correctly. 

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4. Up to 4 people can play this game at one time, however the younger ones may lose interest. For added interest you may want to play this with one other child.   The turns will go faster.

5. As an adult reading the card you have the option to skip questions that would be too difficult.  But keep in mind, kids will learn better if they are taught the information after getting the answer wrong.   If it is a fact to learn, it’s a teachable moment for all players.  I recommend reading the questions in order.  Likewise you can select the more difficult questions for yourself.

6.  Travel Game  Are you one of those parents that take advantage of your children being in one place? Its the perfect opportunity to play this game!  All you need is this handy dandy golf counter for each person to keep score.  For the car you could count each card as one point.  You can easily read the cards in the card.  CLICK HERE to see the link for the counter.  This is a great gadget for keeping score with any game!

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The game ends: Either when the time allotted ends OR a player reaches the set amount of counters.


As a parent, I am wanting to keep my children engaged and learning.


Children are sponges and given the information they can learn and play at the same time.  Try this out and see if this could be a way to get everyone learning together!



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