Mom’s Car Can Stay Clean

Do you need a practical solution to your untidy car?   Do you know that great people have  great habits?     Yes, the children are most likely to blame for the crumbs, the wrappers and the piles of books, socks and who knows what else.  It’s time to make a change.  Here is a practical solution to this mounting problem.  Mom’s car can stay clean!



1.  Most moms I know are embarrassed that their vehicle exudes stuff.  If someone  comes to sit in the car, they will sit in a pile of crumbs or have to remove food remains.


2.   Since your children most likely made the mess, they should be the ones to clean it up.   


3.  Planning a weekly clean up time ensures that the car stays clean from week to week.


I am sure you would like to improve the condition of your car!

Think it through…

Which activity are you going to weekly?

Can you find time before or after the activity to stop by a gas station OR a car wash?

Make it an expectation.  We will stop on the way home from __________________.

Bring along  sorting bags  for trash, give away and keep.

Assign a child to put away the items that come into the house.


Here is our story of our project “Clean up the Car and Keep it Clean” 

Week 1     We found the car seats under all the debris.    Our first week we simply put things in 1 of 3 bags.  Keep, give away or trash.    We had to find the seats before we could clean.   On a side note,  it was nice to put all of the trash in the gas station’s trash can.  Another advantage of being at a gas station rather than home, we stayed until the job was finished.

Week 2  We pulled up to the gas station and did a quick clean up, and I taught the children how to wash the windows using the squeegie.

Week 3  We stopped  at the  car wash that had a  high power vacuum that can take all of the crumbs and debris from the seat.   The older kids all took a turn with the vacuum.  We wiped down the rest of the car with car cleaner.


After 3 weeks, you should be able to switch to maintenance mode. 

In order to keep the car clean on an ongoing basis, we now stop and do whatever is needed  whether it is vacuuming, washing windows or removing trash and unnecessary items.

The good news – the car stays cleaner when you make a point to clean it weekly.     The kids also will  learn responsibility.

Taking care of the vehicle we all use is important.  By allotting time each week, it reduces the stress of doing it yourself or apologizing when people are riding with you.

2 thoughts on “Mom’s Car Can Stay Clean

  1. Great advice! I’m going to start doing this when we get gas once a week. I’ve been struggling and frustrated with my messy van for years! Thanks, Tami!

    1. It has helped us tremendously. Now my husband doesn’t have to wonder when the van will get clean…he knows that Monday it will all be cleaned out! Thanks for commenting..its nice to be working on these habits together!

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