Do you care about people?

Do you care about people?

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Do you feel people care about you?  Often, how we treat people is the way we will be treated by them. We can get in a vicious cycle of keeping to ourselves.  We look around and notice that others have people in their lives who care, but then we feel alone.  It is urgent that we step out and care about those around us.


You might say that it isn’t your personality to be outgoing. I would ask you, “Do you appreciate it when people take the time to care about you?” I would say that everyone is capable of caring about people.  In fact, if we aren’t purposeful in caring for others,we will miss out on genuine relationship.


In general people are going way too fast. I live close to a big city, and I don’t feel like I see the same people day to day.  If you add in technology, human contact is greatly decreasing.  We are left with a very segmented or disconnected society.


What can we do? (You might ask.)

I believe that we have a responsibility to the next generation to start connecting!  Connecting can be as simple as taking the time to smile at someone. We can also give of our time or energy to help another person who may not be able to repay us.  In fact, I would encourage you to care about those that others overlook.

Connecting Test

__Do you look  people in the eyes when they are serving you, checking you out or helping you?­­

__ Are you available to those around you (or are you distracted)? 

__Do you purpose to smile and communicate warmly to people?

__Do you give your full attention to others when they are talking?  Do you take time to ask them questions? 

__Do you ever exchange anything personal with “strangers” in public places?

__Do you know your neighbors?  

__Do you know the children in your neighborhood? 

__Is your house inviting?  Do people feel welcomed? 

                                  (0-2)   Its time to look around.

                                  (3-5)     Keep on going!  There is room to improve.

                                  (6-7)     Way to go! Keep on Connecting! 

How to be a connecting person.

1. Begin with your husband/children.

Value them.

Look them in the eyes.

Take time to focus on them.


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2. Think of people close to you (family & close friends).

How much do you know about their lives?

Have you invited them to your house?

What is your general disposition? (upbeat, negative, discouraged, helpful)


3. If you have worked hard on those close to you, now would be a great time to think about others.

Be generally kind and appreciative.


Demonstrate a genuine interest in your neighbors, your children’s friends or the clerk at the store.

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No more excuses! Find a way to say, “Yes.”   Create a new habit, and begin today.

You may not be the outgoing type, but I would encourage you to give and care a little more.   All those in your life and those that you meet will be glad you did!

Our time here on earth is limited.   When we leave, the only thing that will have lasting value is our relationships.

My children are going to learn my tendencies, my fears, and my uncertainties.  It is my duty to break free and not to pass on all that holds me back.  Now is the time!

How do you reach out and show kindness to those around you?

Family first, friends and then others.  It’s the little habits that make a big difference!

More ideas to come on reaching out!

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