Family Project – Year in Review Scrapbook

This is a great way to keep up with your memories from the year and bringing in a fun family tradition at the same time!

How do you keep up with all the events of the year?  I have found an easy and meaningful way that will hold the project until the end of year.  It’s a simple Ziploc bag labeled with the year.

the memory bag


Make New Years Day a time to remember all the milestones from the previous year and turn it into an art project to save for years to come!  We like to review the previous years projects after we complete the most recent year.

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The very first step is to get one gallon size Ziploc bag labeled with the year you are beginning.


Show the family where you keep the Ziploc bag so that they can put in their memory items whenever they come home.


Encourage your children and husband to put all ticket stubs, memorabilia, birth announcements, programs (including funerals),maps, special notes, cards  and programs.  Include any items that you bring back from important events, milestones or anything that is a fond memory.   These are all very meaningful items to look through at the end of the year.


To Wrap Up the Year:

Depending on your holiday schedule,  find a time either on New Years or close to New Years to sit down as a family.   I also keep a calendar and write down family favorites or special sayings from different people.  I take our family calendar, and read some of the events that are marked.  Then we go through the bag and talk about the events we remember best.   Their eyes light up as they remember those forgotten events.

We illustrate the highlights of our year by drawing our  favorite events or memories.




We use card stock pages and divide the pages up between the family members (Mom and Dad included)  We each get a section of  paper and illustrate 3-4 personal highlights from the year.  We use our favorite color pencils and I pull out stickers to decorate the pages or match the themes.  For those who can’t write, I let them tell me what they drew.  I label their pictures so that we can identify their drawings.  We each share our drawings.

Each child can choose their favorite things to add to their personal memory boxes.  I keep the rest of the ziplocs to be able to look through in the years to come.

up close memory book

After the pages are complete – Laminate them!  Show it to friends and family as a wrap up to the year.

The real selling point  is in my husband’s response….When I asked him what organization idea do you think I should share, “The Memory Book!”  The kids and everyone look forward to this time to reflect on the year.  Its one of the few projects where we can all create something together.

It is a simple Scrapbook for the year that your entire family helps you make!


2 thoughts on “Family Project – Year in Review Scrapbook

  1. This sounds like such a fun way to remember the year as a family!

    We always go through the calendar ( I make a new one with family pictures of the events from the year before each year), but this year we are also doing a joy jar to put notes of things that made us happy throughout the year. I love the idea of putting small items in a bag — we may need to add that to our joy jar!

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