Father’s Day Ties with a Twist

Are you looking for a great, meaningful gift idea for Father’s Day? … Here is a simple gift for your child to make a tie coupled with a meaningful way to use the gift on Father’s Day.

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Create the Tie:

Materials: Card Stock, Pattern or ruler and round item to trace, markers, colored pencils, crayons, glitter, stickers, ribbon or yarn.


Here is a printable you could use.  CLICK HERE

  Here was our first attempt at making ties.   I  free handed the design (as you can tell)

 My children’s ages were 2,4 and 6.


Ties original with words



                 A few years later, our new and improved ties came to be.   I  traced a circle, with a ruler make some straight lines in the shape of a tie. 

Ties step 2

Dads in general receive ties…but this year make it homemade and not pre-made with neatly decorated pieces.    Allow your children to put their touch on the finishing touches.  Really let them create it without directing what it should look like!  You will be amazed by what they come up with.


What do you do with the handmade tie? – here comes the tie with a twist…

DAD wears the tie for a meal.

If you have more than one child, put their names in a bag for a drawing.

Dad chooses one name from the bag for each meal that day. This works best if you have 3 or less children.  I have 3 children.

If you have more children than meals in one day, decide which days you will be eating together during the weekend and the children will get to have their special time sitting next to dad at that specified time.

What is next?

1. The child has a special seat next to dad

2. The child gets their picture taken with dad wearing the tie

3. Dad wears the tie throughout the meal

4. At the end of the meal, display the tie as a decoration (we have a special window area)


Special Bonus Feature:  We have found that these ties make wonderful gifts for grandpas, Sunday School teachers, uncles and other men in a child’s life.  



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