Can I Teach Piano at Home?

Yes! You and Your child can have free lessons.  If you don’t have the money for lessons, you do not have to avoid piano lessons,  Two things are required …a piano or keyboard and a willing person to teach.(Which could be you!)  Whether you have played an instrument or not, you can be your child’s first piano teacher!



Before you even read this post, you should consider this question.  Why should I invest in my child playing piano? What is the point?

Benefits of Playing the Piano 

  1. Builds perseverance. There is nothing like practicing a measure over and over again until at last it is easy.
  2. Allows children to express themselves and develop their creativity.
  3. Its another way for your child to apply math. (counts in the measures and notes)
  4. Provides a hobby that is creative, easy to do, and can go with them as they mature.
  5. It literally helps your child’s brain develop.
  6. It’s not electronic!

Click here for more reasons to play the piano!  

Many parents are maxed out.  There is not one day left in the week to add any additional things.  If that is you, you may need to make some changes.  What are your priorities?   It will take some time to find a rhythm that will work for you and your family.

You can be a piano teacher!   I am not a professional.  In fact, my piano experience was a bit shaky at best.    My piano playing days spanned only 3 years (From about 5th – 7th grades) .  I was not the ideal student. I shied away

from any kind of piano theory.  Yet, today I am successfully teaching my 3 children the  piano.  Admittedly, my son is nearing the end of what I can teach him.  However, I have taught him the last 3 years.



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Those of you just beginning, I would recommend teaching from the Alfred’s Basic Piano Library A.  My children are ages 6,8, and 10.    This book does a wonderful job of gradually introducing your child to the piano keys and then eventually the notes.  It also provides success for those early lessons.  I recommend doing exactly what the books says to do.


Here is the last page of the book A.





If your child is ready for the next level you can order.  Alfred’s Basic Piano Library All-in-One Course, Book 2
Now you may be thinking. How do I do this?    My friend Lindsay inspired me to teach my children.  She did not have a piano background, but she was willing to learn.  She simply began at the very beginning of the book series and taught herself, then she was able to teach her girls.  This is not as hard as it sounds.

To get started order the first book:  Alfred’s Basic Piano Library A.

Piano books are great…but you do need to have a piano or keyboard to get started.  Be patient.  Wait.  Most likely someone somewhere will be getting rid of a piano.  Just put the word out and see if someone will be glad to give it to you. or you can find it for a really good deal.

What are you waiting for? You and your child can start learning together!

Coming next…How to  teach piano at home.

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