Frog Fruit Tray

Here is a fun way toFrog Fruit dress up a fruit plate with a frog.


On pinterest, I found the frog made out of apple. This was easier than the cantaloupe that I had found.   You take a large granny smith apple and cut a fourth of the apple.   Apples tend to brown quickly.  Wait until right before serving before you cut the apple.

For the mouth, simply cut a small wedge.

For the frog eyes: 

(you can make these ahead of time to give them time to harden) I didn’t have the time to go buy “eyes” at Michaels.  I looked in my pantry. I found marshmallows and chocolate chips.  Perfect for eyes.We pressed the marshmallows into flat circles.   If you want big frog eyes you can use 2 small marshmallows.  With the sticky side we “glued” in the chocolate chip with the bottom side facing out.  Just for safe measure we put the “eyes” back in the refrigerator to                                                                    set.  Walah!   (Just make sure you are close to serving time OR you will be refrigerating because the eyes can melt.)


I liked the added effect to put a cluster of green grapes behind the apple frog (as pictured on the front or red grapes work as well).  You can add any additional fruit on the platter that you would like to have.

For special effects we added the frog with a twizzler tongue and a chocolate chip for a bug.  Chocolate goes great with strawberries.  You could put them around the tray.


So fun!  Let me know if you make one!

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