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mariah face blogSummer is here! What will you do at the pool and beyond?  Will you join in the fun with your children and jump in or sit on the sidelines?

As we were about to splash into the pool this year, I was struck with the realization that my children were now old enough to swim on their own.  Could it be true?  Yes, each one was fully capable to swim on his or her own.

As  I began to realize that I could be freed from my post, another thought came crashing in, “the days are fleeting!” Take the opportunities while they are still there.

As an older mom, the reality of my children leaving the nest  is fast approaching.   Although my children are only 6,8,and 10, I know all too well that the end of their time with me is close at hand. I have watched many children that I have taught move quickly  into adulthood and join me as fellow parents.  This is the journey of all parents.

The days are long, but the years are short! 

So back to the pool.  Here I am considering what I should do AND my thought was to seize the moment!  JUMP IN!



Jumping in the pool is not my preferred method of getting into the pool.  My children enjoy my reaction of shocking my system in a cold pool.  For today, I make the choice to jump in. I know all too soon they will not want  me to get in with them.   Friends will come along and they will go with them.  However, the times they look for me to join in the fun…I will jump in.

YES, I am tired, and would like some downtime.   Those who have older children miss the days with their children that I am tempted to wish away… You  cannot redo these moments.  But you can create memories NOW.  Today, it is not too late.swimming_main_Pic



Take a few moments to remember these things.

  • Remember that your children are gifts.
  • Remember to smile, cheer them on and laugh!
  • Remember that you would do anything for your child…so do the small things too.
  • Remember that each day needs to be lived, not wished away
  • Remember  you are the parent that your child desperately needs.




For all of you moms and dads out there, with little ones.  Your children need you in the pool or “present in their lives.”  Some days it is overwhelming how much your children need you.  All you can look forward to is the day you can watch them swim.  My advice to you is to treasure the moments. Do not wish away the time because you won’t be able to get it back!


You cannot imagine how fast your children will grow up.  It seems like only yesterday when my daughter was born and now she is 8 years old!    Those moments are gone in an instant.

mommy and mariah swimming baby mommy mariah - sweet my big 8 year old mariah revised

You will be so glad that you made the effort to enjoy being present!


For a great story about cherishing memories READ THE MAGIC THREAD by William Bennett’s in the Book of Virtues.


4 thoughts on “Jump In!

  1. It is amazing how fast the children grow up. I know for a fact that you have been so wonderful to jump in…especially when they need you. YOU ARE A WONDERFUL MOM….I love you.

    1. Thank you! I think it is easy to get distracted and waste time that would be better spent with our kids. I don’t have this down 100%….but I value your encouragement.

    1. We all need reminders to pay attention to our children….Pictures help me to remember that time is passing all too quickly. Hope you have a great summer filled with lasting memories.

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