SUM of 10 Dice Game

Sum of 10 Dice Game helps students to quickly memorize the pairs.  By knowing these numbers, you can easily add and subtract bigger numbers.


(2) 9 dice  OR 1 Double Dice (a die within a dice)

Paper and a pencil for each person playing

for 2-4 players

*Display a  list of the pairs for 10 (optional if the child is still learning them)

1    9

2   8

3   7

4   6

5   5

                                                                           How to Play:DSCF5007

1.ROLL a DICE  (up to nine)  and write down the number

2. Leave a space next to each number reserved for the pair for the number.

3. When the number is rolled that is a pair write it down

Game Ends when the time is up and the person with the most pairs wins

OR the Game Ends with a predetermined amount of pairs . 

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