Moms Be Strong in 2017

Moms talk a lot! I am one of them.  I find myself giving too many directions or half-hearted requests. Take a moment to make a big difference in your new year.

Can you imagine a year where your children recognize who is in charge of them and they LISTEN!   Here is a New Year Resolution for Moms!  Be Strong!  Let Your Voice Count.


If you want to help your child, then set your face like flint and don’t waver. Get your affirmative commands down…don’t ask, tell them what you expect.  

Watch out for the following statements,  “I would like you to…” “Could you…?”  “Hmmm… this needs to be picked up.”  I must be clear and voice a true command if I truly expect my children  to do what I say.

You may wonder how can you as the parent skip manners?  You feel the need to say please and thank you. “Please” implies a request–it communicates that you would like someone to do something, not commanding.  This was helpful to me when I first realized it.  Please sounds so nice, we think….  but it doesn’t communicate to our children what we think it does.

The key:  you must follow through!  Do not tell your children to do something unless you are committed to wanting it done.

  1. Don’t yell the command; be in close proximity with eye contact.  No more yelling up the stairs or into the other room.
  2. Expect the job or direction to be completed.  Don’t voice things you hope they will do.  You must stick with it until it is done.
  3. Say the direction only once.  THEN…. all of their other requests are simply “No” until they complete what you said.  No nagging, reminders, or angry comments.  You remain calm and silent, its amazing how quick they figure out what’s “wrong” with mom if it’s not completed.

If you want to help your child, then set your face like flint and don’t waver.    And get your affirmative commands down…don’t ask them.  


“Put the dishes away.”

 “Pick up your toys.”

“Put your shoes away.”

Mama, You are the ROCK.  You must remain steadfast, unmovable. Your children will attempt to be the storm with wind and tantrums.  Yet you must remain unchanged.   My DS attempted to combat my perfect analogy.  In the middle of a tantrum, his tantrum,  I calmly stated, “You are the wind and I am the rock.” He quickly replied, “No, mama, you are the wind and I am the rock.”

Mamas, we must win this battle.  Our children need us to be strong. Their Futures depend on it!  A child cannot handle the responsibility required to be in charge.  They need authority to respect.  

If they don’t learn this respect at home, where will they learn it? 

For more encouragement to be strong check out this book by Kevin Leman – “Have a New Kid by Friday

Tips for being strong:

Stick to it.  Don’t get emotional. Have a plan.

Learn to make clear commands…Without being a yelling dictator.

Find moments to truly encourage your child

Enjoy being with them

Put yourself around people who are on the right track as a parent & you can learn from them

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