Top 10 Picks for Exploring the World

Are you embarking on a trip around the world?  Literally, you can make this an exciting adventure for you and your children.  Depending on how detailed you are it can also be an overwhelming task.  For this post, I would like to give you a few things that will help you prepare and make your journey around the world easier to enjoy.

aircraft-723888_1280 world

Below are the resources that will enrich your time on your journey around the world.  We found all of these resources as we were Exploring Countries and Cultures (ECC) with My Father’s World.

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1. Geo Puzzles    High quality puzzles.  Buy one or get the set.

  • Special set of 6 Geo Puzzles (5 continents & 1 world)
  • Pieces shaped like countries, states and provinces
  • A fun way to learn geography  

world puzzle

2.  God’s World Magazine.  A subscription to this magazine is a fabulous way to get current events from around the world with a Biblical perspective.

It comes out every other month and is available in various reading levels.  Online activities are included in the subscription.  We often find articles about countries we are studying.  And kids love getting mail!

God's World kids - Copy (2)                                          Gods World for Big Kids


3. The Kids’ Multicultural Cookbook   Don’t leave without getting a cookbook!  Easy recipes with fun cultural information.  Cooking food from around the world is an awesome way to bring  the “flavor” of other cultures into your home and can add some fun to family dinner as well.

multicultural cookbook

4.  People crayons.  You will be studying different people groups.  If your children have not noticed skin tones, they will now.  These crayons are amazing.   Students can match the colors more precisely.

people colors          This set of People crayons has a larger variety of colors.IMG_8122


5.  YWAM biographies on CD  The CDs are well done, and it helps to keep the story going.  We have used them on trips.  We were able to get all of the CDs that went along with the recommended biographies from My Father’s World (Exploring Countries and Cultures).

hudson taylor


6. YWAM books for little ones.  (Multiple books are on CD as well.)    These biographies are written for younger ones (ages 4-7).      While written in rhyme to capture the attention of young children, these books are thorough and cover the person’s life well. 

young biographies


7.  Torchlighter DVDs.   If you haven’t discovered these, you must!  You will find the stories of missionaries, historical figures, and heroes of  faith.  The DVDs are in cartoon format but also include a documentary with the real pictures of the places included in the story.  You can pick and choose which would be best for your family.  We found it very helpful to be able to see, as well as hear, the inspiring stories of these individuals.



8.  Typing Instructor Platinum 21    This has been an incredible find. Type  in the country you want to get a passport from, and see a picture from that country along with the option to select background music from different countries as well.   Earn passport stamps as you get excellent typing practice.  If you are ready for typing don’t pass this up.

My 9 year old types extremely well after using this program the past 6 months. 

  • Typing instruction software improves typing speed and accuracy
  • Visit 36 destinations around the world on 3 unique travel themes
  • Choose from 20 educational typing plans or create your own typing plan
  • Lessons, tests, and game challenges motivate typists to improve their typing
  • Multi-level games; 300+ practice articles; progress reports; learn in English or Spanish

typing instructor


9.  Currency Kit. I didn’t want to spend the money on “currency”.   I had a friend purchase it and tell me all the ways that she was using the money.  I attempted to print my own (from the internet); it didn’t work very well.

I purchased the set.  I found many ways to incorporate the money from week to week.   You can purchase this through My Father’s World. This is only the second year that it has been a part of Exploring Countries and Cultures so I wasn’t able to find it used or on any other website.




10.Learning Resource Cash Register.  We enjoyed setting up a store and using the cash register as       a part of our day.    The children took turns setting up the currency for the new country.




These are the top 10 suggestions for now.  I will also be posting free and helpful tips to make ECC more enjoyable.


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  1. We are doing world geography next year. This is going to be soooooo helpful. Definitely going to have to check out that typing course too since it coincides with the curriculum. Yeah!

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