Getting Started with Chores for all Ages

Chores will prepare your children for life. You, as the parent, can take steps to establish routines for your child to be helping at home.


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Today,  many parents either are too busy or tired to spend time

teaching and training their children to do the jobs around the house.   Years down the road many wonder why their children have not pitched in to help.

The disconnect is that children are willing, but they must be taught, encouraged, and expected to be responsible.

A training we will go!

  1. To train your kids, go slowly. Don’t have too high of expectations. On the other hand don’t expect too little.
  2. Start slowly and then continueto add to what they know.
  3. Model how to clean and have them copy you
  4. Specifically point out what they are doing well (Encourage them!)
  5. Keep to a schedule.  Children need to know what is coming. If you are a random person…you will have to decide what you want to accomplish and communicate it in advance.
  6. Talk about their hard work in a positiveway to others in the family and friends.  Let them be known for working hard.


The younger your child  is the more that you can build the concept of living and working together as a family.  Below are some phrases to encourage your child to work with you. 


“You are helping the family”

“It goes faster when we do this together”

“You are really helping mommy”

“Thank you for helping me”


The older your kids are the more time it will take to change your family’s work ethic.  However a key to motivation is FIRST
A then B. If your child doesn’t complete the job, thebookn your child doesn’t leave the house.  

For consistency I would highly recommend the book “Have a New Kid by Kevin Lehman”


This book will give you a glimpse of what a strong determined child thinks like and healthy ways to respond. It is a brilliant book that parents today need to read.


Be clear with your expectations and make sure they check with you to mchores boyake sure it is completed to your liking. Gently show them what to do or have them do it as you give them instructions.  Its vital to make sure your children know that life is not just fun and games. In order for a home to run well, many hands must be involved.

As you wonder how to make it all work, I want to encourage you to take a step.  You can encourage your children to be responsible in the home.

You won’t regret it!





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