Taking Down the Christmas Tree as a Family Tradition

We found a way to say goodbye to the Christmas tree as a family tradition.  Usually I am on my own taking down the tree.  This year I seized the opportunity to bring my kids along.


Putting away the Christmas tree can be a lot of work without the joy of looking forward to Christmas.  If you make it like a party, then they will come.  Food, Music and Fun…

In my posts I want to be very real, simple and pract ical.   We all get weary.   If you take a few extra steps, you can turn it into a memorable time.

This year we are planning to take it down on January 1.  In fact we are going to make to try to make it a New Years Tradition.  We are going to combine the Family Scrapbook to summarize our year following it up with taking down the tree.


Items Needed:

  1. Christmas music to play.

2. Peppermint/ hard candy while taking down the tree

3. Boxes labeled  ‘Unbreakable”, Breakable”, and “Homemade” (a great sorting exercise)

4. Cookies and a special drink


For little ones… Put all of the unbreakables on the bottom of the tree. Make sure when you are taking down the ornaments they get all of those same unbreakable ornaments.

My youngest had the job to find the ornaments that would not break easily and put them in the boxes, my middle child quickly wrapped  all of the breakables.

(Depending on the age of your children,  decide on jobs ahead of time that they can manage)

  • Their Favorite ornaments and why
  • Their favorite Christmas song
  • Their best Christmas memory


Quotes from the kids:

“This is the last time we will see these ornaments for a whole year!  (Kiss the ornament)

“This is a special time.” “This is fun”

Other comments I heard were, “I love that one!” This is my favorite!”


Was everyone on board? No! That would not be the truth. Not everyone joined in the festivities.    My oldest (age 10) decided this was not for him.  For us,  if you don’t help then you don’t get the snack at the end.

We concluded the night by enjoying our last Christmas snack at the end of the night.


I pulled out frozen cookies and made hot chocolate with lots of whip cream.

A few tips from the night….

  1. Be ready. Have the boxes set up, the music ready, snacks easy to get to.
  2. Keep it relatively short between 15-20 minutes.
  3. Focus on the tree. Unless you have many able bodied children. We took down the rest of Christmas on a different day.
  4. Enjoy this time. Try not to sweat that an ornament might break.  Your time with your children is worth far more.

Bringing my kids along with me, made saying goodbye to Christmas fun for all of us! 

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