Hacks for Teaching Piano at Home

 Start teaching piano at home!  If your child is starting out, then you can save your money and learn with your child!   PIano lessons can cost from $20.00 to $60.00 for a half hour session.  What a savings if you can teach even the first year or two of piano lessons!



If a song is not practiced, it can easily be forgotten,

Your child needs to practice daily. For our family we have made it a requirement to practice at least 4 times a week.

Tips for encouraging piano in your child:

  1. Find a specific time that works well for your family.  Your child may do better at a certain time of the day. For our family, my husband is not ready for piano when he walks in the door after a long day at work, so we try to fit in a practice at a different time
  2. Be nearby the piano for practice time to pick up if your child needs additional help –  for younger students OR if your child seems to struggle with certain songs.
  3. Never force a practice. There are times when piano is not working. Instead of pushing it, we reschedule it
  4. Once your child is gaining confidence, find performance opportunities for them to play. (Family visiting,a nursing home, videotape them and send it to family, etc.
  5. Once your child learns how to read music, make it interesting and meaningful  Find easy songs to learn in addition to the piano book. CLICK HERE for additional songs
  6. Remember to give lots of encouragement.

I am so thankful that in addition I was able to learn the basics of Suzuki from a good friend.  I have also added this to our piano plan.  You may have a friend who can help you along the way.  Just ask.

I would encourage you to give in house piano lessons a try!   Even if you don’t stay with it for long.  You will be a part of laying the foundation for learning music.

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Now you may be thinking….

How do I do this?    My friend Lindsay inspired me to teach my children.  She did not have a piano background, but she was willing to learn.  She simply began at the very beginning of the book series and taught herself, then she was able to teach her girls.  This is not as hard as it sounds.  I began this journey 3 years ago with my oldest.  Now all three of my children are playing.  However, I have to say my oldest has almost outgrown how far I can take him.  Three years of piano lessons is a huge savings for our family.

To get started order the first book:  Alfred’s Basic Piano Library A.   When your child is able to read notes, you can add in a simple warm up book.  Here is an example:


Keeping up with a notebook

Have a notebook set aside for the pages you want your child to do.  Anything you want your child to focus on write it in the notebook.

Follow the pace of your child.  If your child is eager and would like to learn more you can cover more than one page a session.  If you need to assure him or her that the lesson will be short, make it short.

I would recommend repeating all of the pages  learned throughout the book for the practice time.  If your child has several books to play from, you can alternate from even and odd pages.  Repetition is a good way to build upon the learning without forgetting what was already learned. If a song is not practiced, it can easily be forgotten,


When your child gets to the point of learning how to read notes in the book. I would recommend getting flashcards.

                                                Click here for the link.

Have your child to put a sticker on the notebook page for each of practice time.   Its a fun way to celebrate the accomplishment for them and it is a good reminder for you to see how much your child is practicing.

When my child has 4 practices, I give them a lesson.


For a long time, I didn’t have  official lessons with my children.    I just randomly added on new songs.   Like all of us, my children needed to know that they accomplished something and would  be moving on. Now, I sit down to give my child an official lesson weekly or after he has practiced 4 times.

  1. In the piano notebook, write out each song or page that you want your child to play.Keeping up with a notebook. Allow your child to put a sticker on the notebook page for each practice time that the had.   It makes it visual for you and an accomplishment for them.When my child has 4  practices (4 stickers) I give  a lesson.
  2. Have your child play a favorite song first, then new songs practiced and then start the new son
  3. Be ready to play the song for your child or at the same time an octave (8 notes) lower
  4. (for older children) you can play the top/bottom hand as they play the other hand.
  5. Write encouraging comments
  6. Go over the expectations for practice times


For more information on getting started CLICK here to go to a post focused on getting started.  If you know of others who would like to begin lessons for their children, but cannot afford to do it. Please forward this post to them.  This is a great way to empower other families to bring music into their lives.   If this post has been helpful, please leave a comment.

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