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THSC (Texas Homeschool Coalition)  has been my go to source for guidance, information and reassurance for the past 7 years.

My children are now 6,8, and 10.  My desire was to be well grounded before take off.   When I attended my first conference, my oldest was only 3 years old. The next year my husband decided we should join THSC as lifetime members since that’s how long we plan to homeschool!

I believe that going to the conference is vital to grow on this homeschooling journey.


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Coming from a teaching background,  the concept of homeschooling was foreign to me.  During my early years, I felt like I was detoxing from the system of education that I had been trained in.  It was important for me to hear the words of wisdom, reality and direction early on.  I soaked it up like a sponge. Making a shift in my thinking, was vital.  At that time, I did not have input from anywhere else. THSC filled in the gap and mentored me.  In addition to the short term benefit, I also learned about Smoothing the Way the convention.  A friend and I attended monthly meetings learning the basics of homeschooling.

If I would not have attended the convention in person, it would not have been the same experience.  Today we have so much available at our fingertips.  We can Google any question we may have. However, you cannot Google the connection with real people.   I believe that going to the conference is vital to grow on this homeschooling journey.

This year I greatly enjoyed the speakers. I attended two panel discussions.  The audience was welcomed to ask questions.  The seasoned panel handled the questions with grace and wisdom.   This year the speakers spoke deeply into my heart.  After hearing Reb Bradley, I walked away with a desire to truly connect with the hearts of my children not in appearance only. From Heidi St. John,  I heard another gold nugget, ” God has given me the grace to walk in my own shoes while remembering what is eternal and have self control to not get distracted away from the prize.



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My husband came on the Saturday of the convention.  He attended the entrepreneur classes and the dad session presented by Reb Bradley.  Here is some Input from my husband, Doug:

I have enjoyed attending THSC each year with my wife and kids. The kids program is just awesome as we never have to worry about what they may be subjected to. Also it’s a great way for them to see they are not the ONLY home school kids or their small group of friends. They see that MANY families home school. 

I have had the opportunity to volunteer at the events and met so many wonderful people. But most of all, I enjoy seeing other dad’s I know and meeting new ones. As a dad, I’m busy working most of the time and don’t have the opportunity to socialize much with other home school dad’s. The convention allows me that opportunity and especially with workshops tailored just to dads. It is very helpful and encouraging to be reminded and inspired how to lead our families well through this journey.

One more favorite thing I enjoy about the convention is it allows us a parents to meet other parents for lunch each day. It’s so hard to schedule that time with busy families. We really try to maximize our time of learning, shopping and socializing and it can only happen by physically attending the conference!

The kids program is phenomenal. 


This was our 3rd year to enroll our children in the kid’s program.  For our family, the convention marks the beginning of a new home school year.  It is a family event for us.  It is like a big pep rally.  The kids program is phenomenal.  I am so impressed with the quality of the program.  The set up stay
s in line with the home school mindset.  All siblings are in the same group.  There is a mix of ages in the group.  Small groups are led by well trained teens.  They go between small group and large group throughout the day.  We dropped our children off at 8:30 am and picked them up at 5pm.  That is  along day! Each one of my children told me about the heroes they had learned about.

If your heart is teachable, then I would encourage you to make the effort to attend.  Click here for the date and speakers for next  years the Texas Convention. You will be glad you did!

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