Tunnel Vision

Homeschooling  Dangers continued…

Danger   #2    “Tunnel Vision” 

Tunnel vision Home schooling can become like a tunnel or a cocoon.  You wrap yourself up in your house.  You choose when you have to go anywhere.   tunnel-336693_1280

 I know this danger; sometimes it is just easier to keep to myself.   There are problems and pitfalls everywhere.  You can avoid people and begin to think that is normal.   You have the potential of skewing your child’s view of the world. Your fears become a big part of your child’s.  Often we are fearful of the unknown.

You are perfectly fine to need some time on your own as a family “separation”.  However, if you have a tendency to avoid people and outings you may be “isolating” yourself and your children .  Isolation can easily cause you to become depressed or at the very least lonely and insecure.

Don’t we want to encourage our children to tackle the world, to believe that God in them is big enough? How do we live this out?  Let me ask you: What do you avoid?  Is it the neighbor down the street? Extended family? Church? Social gatherings that make you uncomfortable?  Do you shelter your children from disappointment, problems, less than perfect people?  In this world, bad things happen, do your children have any idea they live in a fallen, broken world?

My encouragement to you is to think long term.  How will  I impact my daughter by shirking away from anything that causes me to be uncomfortable?  Will she be able to be comfortable around boys? Will my son be afraid to climb rock walls or play soccer?  Let’s allow our kids to experience life and their questions about life,  while they are still under our roofs.  We are able to guide them during this time.  This season of guided practice will soon be over.  I don’t want to be guilty of not preparing my children to become secure, capable adults.

The question to ask yourself is, ” Does fear control my decisions?”,  “Am I overwhelmed, and avoidance seems like the best answer?”or  “Do I feel inferior to other home school families so I will stay away from them? ”  If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, find a friend that has a child close to your child’s age.   Begin to find things in common and build relationship!

You may say, “I don’t have any issues to deal with; we just don’t have time to get out.”  I have found my children are more motivated if I have a good mix of activities and home time.  They will settle down for the work portion; in fact they will work harder to be ready to go somewhere.

We are home schooling!   When I was teaching, my students only could go on one field trip per year.  All of you out there who home school, we have the privilege of taking field trips and making life-long connections with other families.  Let’s get out and learn!  It is truly a gift to be able to go hand-in-hand with our children and learn about all of the things around us!


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