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As an eclectic homeschooler. I choose to keep my options open.  After teaching for 10 years public and private schools.  I take great delight in choosing my own curriculum.  I get to tailor what I choose to coincide with my children’s needs.   For some that are new to homeschooling,  finding one curriculum is hard enough not to mention hand picking each subject. My advice is to find just get started and pick something and along the way you will find curriculum that works best for you.  

revised curriculum

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Our choices for curriculum this year… 


Math : Singapore workbooks & Singapore Math (Online support) :  Singapore Math® Live enables parents to instill in their children a love of mathematics and strong critical thinking skills.   We are working on all 3 workbooks.  With SingaporeLive Math we have a syllabus to help us work on the pages along with instruction online on working the problems.   My son is growing by leaps and bounds.


Language:   Easy Grammar   A succinct way to help your child understand grammar one day at a time.

Spelling :  Spelling Power  Excellent approach to giving words on your child’s ability level daily.  Spelling Power uses a method of practicing words that helps the child to retain the words as well as a built in review.   The entire spelling time takes less than 15 minutes per day.  The teacher book covers all the years of spelling.

Writing :   Fun and Fascinating  IEW  : from the  website: “through the process of learning to write well, students learn how to think clearly and to express themselves eloquently and persuasively. Our goal is to equip you to assist your child in this process.”


(Personal Journal is kept for any special events that he would want to remember)

Typing :  Typing Instructor : He has completed this course earlier this school year  it has been a great way to learn typing.

Current Events: God’s World Magazine This magazine ,written from a Christian Worldview,  offers three levels: Preschool, Elementary, and Young Teens.  My oldest reads on his own.  There is also a brief vocabulary/ context clue section on some of the pages.

Together subjects include: Apologia Land Animals (read the material weekly as a family), Texas History

Classes taken at the COOP: Writing, Apologia, Legos, Boys P.E.

See previous post “Navigating Curriculum with Multiple Ages” 



Reading:   The Rod and Staff  More Busy Times Reader  and Workbook is based on an Amish family.  The stories teach great character lessons and the characters are easy to relate to.  It is thorough, covering reading skills and comprehension.  I tried this curriculum because of the price.  It was less than $5.00 for the workbooks at The Homeschool Store.   I have been pleased with this program in the early elementary years.Abacus and worksheet boy

Math:    Right Start Math ,  I am impressed the foundation that Right Start lays.    This is my favorite math program. However, it is teacher intensive.    Everything is scripted and it taught me how to think mathmetically.   I highly recommend this for children starting out!  If your child struggles in math, this program can fill in the missing understanding.  The curriculum is engaging, but it is also parent intensive.  There are few worksheets. There is also a transition book for those starting later on.   Math Games:   The math games are comprehensive, covering from number sense through division.  Math games are a daily part of math for my two youngest.

Language:    Easy Grammar:  Simple editing and parts of speech are introduced and built upon. Language Lessons:  Parent directed.  Poetry intermingled with parts of speech and language rules.  Great for kids that are auditory learners.

Phonics :   Phonics Pathway :    Offers a complete approach to teaching phonics and reading for a fraction of the cost of other programs. Written in an easy-to-use format. It is a gentle transition into spelling and reading phonetically.  If your child is not a natural speller, then you may want to give Phonics Pathway a try.

Together subjects include: Apologia Land Animals, Texas History, God’s World  (see above)

 Classes Taken At the Coop: (Mostly enrichment)  Gymanastics/Jump Roping, Ballet, Land Animals, Worship Dance



Reading /Science/Bible:  My Father’s World Kindergarten takes the letter a week  approach with a thematic unit.  I enjoy the creative side of this curriculum.  There is a plan, but it is flexible to include other ideas that you may have. For example, we covered Goats, the Bible portion was that Goats were used for sacrifice in the Old Testament.  We can remember that Jesus was our sacrifice.  Then we proceeded to try goat’s milk,  discuss facts about goats, act out  the book Mr. Gumpy’s Outing and now we are on our way to the rodeo.    Even if your child is reading, this is a good start to enjoying learning at home.

Reading: Just thinking and Choosing  A book designed to  follow directions (cutting and pasting)   He reads to me daily from beginning books.  Helping Yourself A seatwork book for first grade.  It includes activities for each letter.  I assign only the pages from these books that I feel are beneficial for him to complete.  This is additional work that keeps him occupied.  We will not complete the entire books.

Math:  Right Start (explained above) Horizons Workbook allows for some workbook pages. Since my son likes to do math on paper this has given him a good option.  We did come to a point in the workbook where he did not understand place value.  The book just moved right along.  Right Start filled in the gaps and after a few weeks he was able to continue the Horizon pages.  Horizon moves very slowly.  It is extra worksheet time, but he enjoys completing math pages.

Language:  Phonics Pathway  (explained above)  He also creates a journal page from the sentence I give him in dictation.

Here is some additional reviews on Phonics Pathwaysb

  1.  I write upper and lower case letters in a pattern and he copies them
  2. He I sound out words with him and he copies them
  3. Besides the dictated journal sentence from Phonics Pathway, he chooses an event of the week and writes a sentence and draws a picture to go with it.


Together subjects include: Apologia Land Animals (coloring sheet), Texas History, God’s World  (see above)

Classes taken at the Coop: 5 in a Row, My Father’s World, Math, Excercise
As our children learn and grow, we must adjust.  Each year we find a few new things and discontinue others.  Each child is different and its a learning curve each year.

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